Friday, December 19, 2008

What now? (Part 3)

During the lecture we attended, Roger literally spent hours discussing Socialism. Something he said hit home to me because I have had the same thing said to me on more than one occasion. I want to share it. He was talking to his daughter and he found out that she was going to vote for Obama. He said he was so stunned he was speechless for a few moments. He got his composure and asked her why. She told him she was voting for Obama because he was going to pay for her car, or her house, something like that, and that he was going to make it so that everyone had health care. He explained to us that these were all socialistic plans, that they weren’t good things. He said to her it’s Socialism. Her reply was so what if it is socialism what’s so wrong about that? Ummm, Houston we have a PROBLEM, a serious one!

I feel like people are buying into Obama’s campaign of “Hope” because they are misinformed. They see him as being so compassionate and caring. His whole web site is about providing something to the poor for nothing and implementing this government program and that welfare benefit. He also has a lot of information in there about benefitting the minority groups. All of this sounds so..... Heavenly. No poor, no minorities, everyone healthy and cared for. Sounds a lot like Zion right? That is what I have heard people jokingly say but the sad thing is I think most of the people in the United States believe it. Don’t believe it, it’s just another ploy that Satan uses to lull us away from the truth. People fail to see Obama for what he is. He is a socialist. Socialists seek power. Marx, Stahlin, Mao, and Hitler were great examples in history of Socialist leaders. We could learn much from studying the outcome of their leadership.

I was able to find an AMAZING article in the Jan. 1979 Ensign titled “To Prepare a People.” This article talks quite in depth about the law of consecration. As I mentioned before you can see some similarities in the law of consecration and the “claims”, if you will, of socialism: no poor, no sick, no illiterate. The Ensign article goes into detail about five principles that the Lord’s United Order is based upon. Among these is the fact that the individual who enters into this United Order does so voluntarily. The church will then give them back what is needed for their family; their needs and their just wants. This is determined by the bishop and the individual. The rest is then put in a storehouse to be divided among those who are in need. In this way there is no poor among us. However, there are distinct differences between the Lord’s United Order and Obama’s Socialistic plan (or ultimately The United World Order). I only single Obama out because he is our President Elect and his plans will be the one’s we need to be aware of. I don’t mean to sound like I think everyone one else is innocent of this socialistic nature, in fact quite the contrary. I feel like we have ALL been being taught socialistic tendencies for a VERY LONG time now without our even realizing it!

The Ensign article goes on to say and I quote: “The Lord’s economic system differs in significant ways from other methods of relieving poverty. These other methods include philanthropy-an outright gift to the poor by an agency or benefactor; government-sponsored programs-attempts to redistribute the wealth among citizens by taxing the more affluent to provide for the less affluent; and communalism-the pooling of private property and money to community ownership so that each member holds equal ownership in community goods.”

Brother Nelson then goes on to explain the differences by stressing that the Lord’s United Order is wholly voluntary. It is not a supplemental assistance program it IS the economic system. Each person owns there own property, it is not owned by the whole community, but by an individual who has the title. And, to quote the last two differences: “5. The united order is not socialism. The “equality” spoken of in the united order is based on (1) family size, (2) family circumstances, (3) family wants (these are to be “just”), and (4) family needs. As Pres. J. Reuben Clark observed, “Obviously, this is not a case of ‘dead level’ equality.” 6. The united order will only be implemented by revelation to the prophet of the Church, not by legislation or some political program.” (My emphasis added!)

My conclusion is this, yes obviously there are similarities between the Lord’s law and the New World Order being cunningly pushed today, Satan knows what he is doing. But the Lord has given us ways in which we can know His kingdom. We have an article in the Ensign teaching us how we can know the difference. I encourage you to click on this link and go read the article. It lists many scriptures and other references for you to read and learn more. I also encourage you to read The Red Scarf Girl if you want to learn more about the evils of Socialism. It is an easy read but it is great for creating awareness. It is written by a woman, who was raised in Communist China when Mao was ruler.

What does this have to do with preparedness you ask? Well I am of the opinion that our Constitution was given to our founding fathers from God, our Heavenly Father. If we needed to have the freedoms it grants us, not just to restore the gospel, but also to preach and teach it, we are going to need to continue to have those freedoms to continue to live it and preach it and teach it. Are we and our children prepared to defend it? Do we have the knowledge and the testimony, of the Constitution that we need to have? Do we have the faith and the courage that those who wrote our Constitution had? Are we as the Nephites in the Book of Mormon who loved their freedom so much that they would lay down their lives to protect it and their families? If not then we aren’t yet prepared!

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Tammie said...

I think I say this every time but I mean it!!! Great, Great, Post Amy!!!!! I will for sure read that article and you have told me about that book before I need to read it too! Satan is such a mimic and trys to counterfeit everything good and from God. We must be dilligent and stay aware!