Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More About Anti-Plague

As mentioned earlier I am going to post some information about the Anti-Plague formula that I spoke of in my pandemic post. Anti-Plague is a formula that Dr. Christopher was inspired to tell people in Arizona to use for the plagues. Its main ingredient is Garlic and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Most of us have heard the story of the four thieves. I’ve heard two versions one says that they, as a punishment for their crimes, were to take care of the bodies of the dead who had succumbed to the plague in the late 1700’s. The other says that they stole belongings from off the dead during the plague. Either way the thieves lived through the plague and later explained how they survived. They used a combination of aromatic vinegar and garlic which they applied liberally to themselves.

Garlic has numerous healing properties. From common skin problems to tuberculosis and asthma. In researching garlic I have learned many remedies for treating the human body effectively and without side-effects. Well okay harmful side effects. Everyone knows that garlic is pretty smelly, but I also learned how to lessen the effects of the odor just by adding parsley to the preparation.

I also learned that you can grow garlic almost anywhere and harvest it in all season except winter! I was excited about that! It might be that we should consider planting this wonderful healing modality in our yards as a means of becoming more self-sufficient.

Recently I was inspired by a friend of mine to order the ingredients and make Anti-Plague myself. First off I didn’t realize that the kind I had been buying pre-made was missing one of the main herbs from the recipe. Secondly, it is considerably less expensive. (It costs around $32 + shipping to order a pint of the pre-made stuff versus around $65-$75 to make a whole gallon yourself.) However the draw back to this is that what you save in money you use in time. However, I still think that you end up with a much higher quality product. For one, it has all the ingredients from Dr. Christopher’s original formula and secondly it does not have to go through any extra processing in order to appease the FDA. (Processing always always is a trade off. You kill any possible germs, that is correct, but you also kill ALOT of the healing properties and ALL enzymes in a product.) If you are making the Anti-Plague yourself you can be confidant in knowing that the environment in which it is prepared is clean and safe. Thus you don’t need to process it, ensuring a more nourishing, healing product.

After receiving all the ingredients needed to make my Anti-Plague I proceeded to make my own. Well, this was a process! The recipe I had was not very clear and was obviously written for a more mathematically minded person that myself. Also I had to interpret the “Herbalist” lingo. Finally after hours of experimenting and a couple of mistakes that resulted in my starting over, bummer! I accomplished my goal! I have since made three gallons of Anti-Plague and currently have ½ gallon on my shelves to show for it! LOL This is perfectly fine with me. I felt impressed to give some to my parents, and two of my brothers. I feel much better knowing people I love and care about have ½ gallon of this stuff on their shelves to help protect themselves and their families in times of sickness and, just in case, plague. The other brother? Well his wife is doing awesome in this preparedness thing and actually took it upon herself to order the stuff and learned to make it with me! Yea Jeneil! (I am so proud of her, can you tell?)
I have posted my revised and, I hope, easier (as easy as Anti-Plague can get that is!) version of the recipe in the post below this one or you can click on the label that says Health Preparedness on the left hand column. Just so you know, I don’t just make this and put it on my shelf. However, that is better than not having it. We use it ALL the time. If my children start coughing or having a runny nose, if they start complaining of a sore throat, achy body, ear aches, almost anything, we start them on the Anti-Plague. Karl reaches for it any time he feels a sinus infection coming on and, since he is very prone to lung issues such as pneumonia, he also reaches for it at any sign of this. Often times it only takes one or two doses other times in more serious sicknesses or if you let the sickness go to long before beginning treatment you have to be more aggressive with it. You cannot take too much. There is nothing is this formula that will cause harm to you. You may get diarrhea. This needs to be watched because you want to avoid dehydration but it also could be a sign that your body is expelling the toxins that were making you sick in the first place.

In normal sickness between one and four tablespoons a day is a general dosage. You will be able to tell if you are getting enough or not by the way you feel. You can, and I recommend, that you take one tablespoon a day. This builds your immune system which makes it so that you will be more likely to withstand the plagues. In times of plague the descriptions I have read say you should take a tablespoon an hour. It is usually recommended to do half dosage with young children under ten. Warning: This stuff does not taste good! The vinegar and garlic, as you can imagine, does not smell appealing or taste that way, but none the less it does work and so you have to decide whether or not it is worth getting your children to take it but as for our house, they take it! I have found that the easiest way is to put it in an amber glass jar, a small one with a dropper and then just drop the syrup towards the back of their mouth. My seven year old will just take it, no complaining, no juice, just swallows it and goes on her way. Incidentally so does my baby, he is almost two. My older children whine and moan and complain, then they get a glass of juice, swallow the Anti-Plague, drink their juice to wash it down, and go on their way. They do get used to it if you start them early enough. But, I will willingly admit that I’m not used to it and I’m the worst in my family. In fact you should ask them one day about my Anti-Plague taking procedure! LOL


Anonymous said...

Amy where did you buy all the herbs from. Can you give us a list of the places you bought all the ingredients. Thanks. I love your site. Great Job!!!Lisa

Amy said...

Is this Lisa Henderson or Brower by the way! LOL
I purchase almost all of my herbal stuff from two main web sites. They are the cheapest I have found and I have ordered from them enough that I know I trust their quality. The first is www.lifebalm.com and the other is www.worldhealthdepot.com. The vegetable glycerin and the Raw Apple Cidar Vinegar I order through Azure Standard. They have been by far the cheapest that I have found ecspecially for the Glycerin. I just bought my fresh garlic from Wal-mart and I bought some from Costco. When I buy it from Wal-mart I just weight it in the bag on a scale until it says three pounds. The jars have been a little tricky, I need to do more research but the ones I have I had to find at more specialized health food stores. The quarts are about $2.70. I will do some more checking and get back with you on that.
Love, Amy

Tammie said...

Alright this is so great! I am so glad that you are sharing all this with us! I think you need to make me a prepardness binder! ;) I am having a really hard time prioritizing and organizing so I know what I have and need to do and what I don't! Also about how many cups of honey is in the 22oz. or whatever your recipe called for I'm not quite sure how to make that! I can't wait to come see you soon and pick you brain!

Sure love ya!

Brittany said...

What is the shelf life on this, can it go bad?

Amy said...

Good question!
No, it does not go bad. The glycerin and the vinegar act as a preserving agent and therfore it will not go bad. However it will over time loose it's potency. But it has a shelf life of at least 3 years. I believe if it is kept in a dark, cool room it will last even longer.
Tam if you read this you can probably answer this question with more knowledge than I. What do you think?

Tammie said...

I think you are exactally right Amy! It should be well preserved because of the vinegar and the glycerin. I would be sure to keep it in a cool dark place just like you said!

Simler Family said...

I just might have to try to make my own one of these days. Maybe we can make it a family thing for all of us in the area. That would make it kind of fun too! Thanks for putting it into terminology that makes more sense.


Anonymous said...

i have to admit i know it tastes nasty, but i also have to admit that it works i can tell you that much.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Amy,
You need to take the s off the link to the bottles. That link does not take you to the correct place. The s should not be at the end. I am loving your site. Take care. Lisa

Amy said...

I forgot to mention the honey. I have learned that if you can get raw honey from your own area it also helps calm the allergies that people have within that area. So try to find someone who has honey in your area and purchase some, but Azure also sales honey. I found a site that has reasonable prices on their jars. But you have to buy a case of 12. The site is www.sunburstbottle.com.

p.s. Thanks Lisa, I changed the link. Hopefully it will work now.

Barlow Family said...

Wow, You are sure getting into this site. Its pretty cool to see all the knowledge you have picked up over the years. Keep sharing your good information with us and hopefully we can keep up with you on most of it.