Monday, December 8, 2008

Down the "ladder" one rung at a time. (Part 1)

For years now I have been amazed at the indifference, and even more shocking the support, of most people to the goings on of our government. The first time I remember being really concerned was when it became legal to ticket a person if they chose not to wear their seat belt. I did not really understand a whole lot about our Constitution back then but even so I still remember thinking; how do they have the right to give you a ticket because you choose not to protect yourself? It doesn’t hurt anyone else; it doesn’t put anyone but yourself in danger. How can that be legal? That event transpired several years ago and I have to tell you since then I have done a lot of learning and have become very passionate about supporting our Constitution. On this journey, among many other things, I have learned that the seat belt law is just one cherry in a huge pie of legislation passed that has blatantly went against our Constitution. That contract is sooooo vital to our freedom. It is very sad, but the plain truth is, we were never taught why the Constitution is so vital. We may have been taught when it was signed, if we can even remember that, incidentally it was not July 4th 1776! We may have even been told a couple of the names of the signers. However, we mostly hear now how it is an out dated old contract that we have out grown and that it is holding us back. We hear many statements about how it needs to be done away with and a new form of government (aka New World Order) needs to be put in place. This is very concerning to me and should be to all of us.

Karl and I attended a political awareness seminar a few weeks ago by Roger K. Young. Some of you might be familiar with him because of all the preparedness and last days stuff he has done over the years, or you might have read his books. Anyhow his focus was on government, a lot of what he spoke of I already knew, but he had a few visuals that made it easy to comprehend. He started by explaining the events that are going on in the world, for example and just to name a few, the bail out plan that just passed, the election of a new very socialistic president, who does not try to hide it. I am going to quote Roger because he was able to express what I had been feeling very accurately when he said, “What bothers me worse than the things that have been happening is how many good people are embracing it!”
Roger went on the talk about the different types of governments. He likened them to a ladder that has 8 rungs or levels. I am going to briefly explain them. After you have read this post I would like you to answer the survey question on the right side bar of the blog.
1. The top rung on the ladder, the most pure government is where people govern themselves. This is the best and purest form of freedom, but it only works if the people are good. This rung of government could be likened to Zion.
2. The people group together to make a limited government, put in place for the protection of their unalienable rights. They elect representatives for these groups.
3. It then moves from limited government with everyone having equal say to “majority rules.”
4. Down the rung, moving closer to the bottom we have a government that has taken control of itself, in other words most power is given to the government with people having little say. The peoples individual vote doesn’t really impact a whole lot.
5. The government owns large portions of property and production. More and more land becomes federally owned and they start to limit access and put more regulations on it. They become in control of more and more agencies and businesses.
6. The government owns and controls everything. There is still some control of local governments with limited personal rights. We become indentured servants.
7. The people are slaves to the government because it now owns all property and the people work the land for the government. An elite few run the government. People have little personal rights. You begin to see huge class divisions: kings, princes, dukes etc.
8. The last rung of government is where you see one person in charge. There is not even an elite group but one person. An example of this is Hitler.

After I have several votes on my survey I will do another post explaining what the names of these types of governments are and share some stories in relation to these from history. It is very interesting and I think we should all be aware.


Simler Family said...

That's great you were able to go to one of Roger's seminars. His new newsletter has been very informative and helpful to keep an eye on things going on around us. I'd love to have you post more of your notes from the seminar! Very concerning things happening and likely to happen in the near future. I'm so thankful for the gospel, and for the preparations we've made so far although we are still far from where I would like to be.

Tammie said...

I think the reason so many good people are embracing it is because they are just like I was not so very long ago. Ignorant and Apathetic. I think apathy comes from ignorance and many times we are naive to both. I know there are many many many good people in this country we all just need to WAKE UP!

Great post Amy!