Friday, December 12, 2008

What rung are we really on? (Part 2)

As mentioned in my last post I’m going to give you the names of the types of governments that each of these previously explained rungs represent and then a bit of history.
Rung 1- As I mentioned is likened to Zion
Rung 2- Is a Republic
Rung 3- Is a Democracy
Rung 4- The very beginnings of Socialism
Rung 5- Deep in the trenches of Socialism
Rung 6- Tyranny begins
Rung 7- Elite Tyranny or Feudalism
Rung 8- Absolute Tyranny or Fascism You’ve also heard it called Stalinism or Marxism (hero worship)

According to my survey you who voted for rungs 5 or 6 are right on with what Roger had found was the general consensus of the people who had attended his lectures up to the one Karl and I attended.
Rung 5 states that more and more land becomes federally owned with more and more regulations placed upon it. In the Constitution, Provision 105, from Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 17 it says that Congress has complete jurisdiction over land it purchases in the state upon consent of the state legislature, but that these lands must be used for the: “erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock yards, and other needful buildings”
Quoting Cleon Skousen from his amazing book called The Making of America, “At the present time, vast areas within the boundaries of these states are permanently designated as part of the federal domain for national forests, national parks, national monuments, coal and oil reserves, lands leased for profit to ranchers or farmers, and huge tracts of land with valuable resources completely locked up as “wilderness areas.” It is interesting to me that the Constitution does not specify this type of purpose as being a reason for the federal government to own land. Also very interesting is the fact that this bending of the Constitution started with the admittance of Ohio into the union clear back in 1803 and got worse when the western states were acquired from Mexico. Just for your information 66% of Utah is owned by the federal government! 87% of Nevada wow! In 1959 Alaska was only allowed to occupy 4% of their state! At the time the Making of America was published the federal government owned 35% of our land, land they shouldn’t even be allowed to own because they aren’t using it for the specified reasons.
It does not end there, we have heard of legislation proposed to “protect” our National Forests. This legislation limits the number of visitors, adds all kinds of restrictions, and even closes off certain areas. This type of legislation is becoming more and more common place. Isn’t it interesting how something we don’t even think twice about can be so blatantly against the Constitution. More to the point, that it can be something that leads us away from a Republic or a Democracy and into Socialism.
Level five also states that the federal government controls more and more businesses and agencies. A brief look at our country and this is easily seen. Just look at the BIG push for a Federal Health Care System and haven’t we heard from our new President Elect much about his Federal Education System. In the last several months we have witnessed our government taking ownership of a large part of our monetary system in the “Bail Out” plan and to make matters worse they had us as citizens (at least a lot of us) begging for it! They are on the verge of giving the auto industry “loans”, when the auto dealers fail then who owns that industry? Hmmmm, I don’t know about you, but I find this very Alarming!

There can be little doubt in the certainty that we have already ran headlong into Socialism, like it or not. It has been pretty obvious for years now. Roger explains that an observation of history shows us that nations move down this ladder all the time, but seldom move up. When they do move up it is not without a bloody revolution. We can see this in the founding of our own country but he pointed out several other examples. In the interest of time I will not go into details about these, but you can examine this in much of the Bible and Book of Mormon.

I want to relate one more bit of history that Roger taught us before I close this post. My story begins in Germany in 1920 where they had a Republic type government. In 1924 The Nazi party became a new very socialistic party. By 1932 It was the single dominate party (hmmm, sound familiar). How did this happen? Well Hitler got massive amounts of money, almost all of it outside of the country. (You might want to research where Obama got a lot of his campaign money.) Hitler outspent his opponent 100 to 1. He was a VERY GOOD orator. His campaign was based on two things: HOPE and CHANGE (Again, sound familiar?). He promised the people everything. He even went so far as to promise every German girl a husband!
There was a recession in the economy and Germany flooded the market with massive amounts of money. This created a massive inflation, had people begging the government to do something, anything to help them. Because Hitler was such a good orator, had friends in high places or should we say dark places, and promised them what? HOPE and CHANGE, in 1933 he became their leader. This is rung 7 of the ladder, but it wasn’t good enough for Hitler. He still had more up his sleeve. He and his “elite few” created a crises, silenced all the opposition, controlled the media, and then Hitler convinced the “elite few” to turn all of the governmental power over to him. In 1934 they were in Absolute Tyranny or standing on rung 8.
We would do well to learn from this short blip from history. I hope as you read you recognized many of the same things happening in our country right now. Germany went from rung 5 or 6, where we are at right now, to rung 8 in less than 3 years! Now what can we do with this information? Well that is a whole other post! Look for part 3 soon!

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Tammie said...

Great post Amy! It's amazing what taking the time to learn and understand a little can do. I never thought about National Parks being Unconstitutional. Oh I have so much to learn! We would all be wise to learn from history so it will not repeat itself at least not to the same extent!